Bridal Waltz First Dance

The bridal waltz or the first dance is the most romantic part of every wedding reception but sometimes there are couples who skip this part. We always encourage our brides to do the bridal waltz and suggest the best songs for them. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t skip doing your first dance.

Your First Dance is the Most Romantic Moment of the Night

I was actually surprised why some couples skip their first dance. The bridal waltz is such a perfect time to experience the most romantic moment of the night; where the magic of a happily ever after starts.

Here are some additional things you can do to make your reception night much more romantic:

  • Adding in a dry ice smoke effect when dancing (this feels like you are dancing in the clouds)
  • Monogram of your names on the dance floor
  • Additional room lighting decors to improve the ambiance of the room

You Can Make Your First Dance More Fun and Entertaining

Your bridal waltz doesn’t need to be classic, soothing and relaxing at all times. You and your partner can make it more fun and entertaining!

Here’s a video of this amazing couple doing really sweet and slow music at the start but suddenly dancing into a variety of upbeat and energizing music.

Your First Dance is a Memory that Lasts Forever

Your bridal waltz is the perfect time to take the most memorable photo of you and your spouse. The sweet and slow music makes the place really romantic. Gazing each other’s eyes with love and passion is just a perfect time for your wedding photographer to capture the image of a memory that will last for a very long time.

Sometimes, selecting the music for the bridal waltz can be a little hard. Here’s the Explosive Entertainment guide on how to select the perfect song for your bridal waltz

Take your time to talk with your partner about having your first dance. This is a rare opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. You’ll never regret having a bridal waltz after you have seen your wedding photos.