During the most important event of your life, it is just right to secure your wedding’s success. The wedding dress, the venue, the food, the music, the wedding cake, the flowers and the timing of events should be perfect. This is why, hiring a professional master of ceremonies (MC) is essential to make your wedding ceremony and reception successful in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast.

Professionals you can trust

The Master of Ceremonies for your event

An experienced and professional MC at your wedding will not only keep the reception organised, but he will also keep your guests entertained and will make sure that everything will go smoothly. An MC is more than just a funny guy holding a microphone. He takes the MC duties and makes sure it is done, perfectly.

Why Hire a Professional MC?
• Makes the event run on time
• Mood Setting
• Makes Your Guests Feel Special
• Guest's involvement throughout the event
• Timing and coordination

Here at Explosive Entertainment, we make sure that the music and formalities during your wedding ceremony or reception always run on time on the Gold Coast or Brisbane. Our skilled MCs set the mood quick and easy with no dull moments or awkward silence. We make sure that our guests are entertained well and make them feel extra special by speaking in a way that will appeal to them regardless of their age and personality.

You can expect us to cooperate with your wedding planners and coordinators 100%. We make sure that everything is organised, locked and loaded before your wedding day. We don’t do mediocre and unprepared jobs. We are here to make you the happiest on your very special day. You deserve perfection. You deserve the best.

If seamless no stress, nothing to worry about, fun well timed evening is something you are looking for on your wedding day please don't hesitate to call the professional team at Explosive Entertainment on 0417232606