What does a romantic sunset, candle light dinners, fireworks and a nighttime sky have in common? Lights! Lights sets the mood and add contrast. It turns your venue into a magical place of celebrating your union with your special someone.

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Creative Lighting

Explosive Entertainment’s creative lighting is a must-have for any venue. We bring life and colour your venue that suits your taste. We can customise your lighting to match the design of your venue, the space and also the theme or motif of your reception. Let’s add magic to that Wedding cake by adding expert up-lighting and make your cake cutting moment an unforgettable one! Let’s make your bridal waltz the most romantic bridal waltz by adding lights that set the mood. Let’s make your venue, the most magnificent and the most magical one on your very special day.

We use top-of-the-line equipment to provide our customers the best lights that they need. We are always updated with the latest lighting technologies. We want you to be at your happiest and we want you to have the newest and the latest technology in creative lighting.

Here at Explosive Entertainment, we cooperate with your venue and wedding coordinator to follow and match the design of your reception. We want you to be relaxed on your wedding day, and you can count on us when it comes to full coordination. We are always ready to answer your enquiries and give you suggestions on which lights to use and which colour is the best to suit the venue.

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