Music plays a really big role in your wedding. From ceremony to reception, music is always present. Have you ever been to a wedding without any music at all? How to make sure that you’ll get the best music at your wedding? Listed below are some tips to select the perfect music for your wedding.

Your Dream Wedding and Theme

To know what music would you like to be played for your wedding, you should plan out your dream wedding and what will be the theme. Are you going for the traditional wedding?It is recommended to have the music match the wedding theme.

RSVP Song Requests

RSVP song requests are optional. You may ask your guests if they would like some song requests to be played on the night but it is your or your wedding DJ’s decision which songs are most appropriate to play.

Do-Not-Play List

Do you have some songs you don’t like to be played? Make a Do-Not-Play list and inform your DJ. This is a must if you are leaving the music up to the DJ. The DJ might play a song that you don’t like so it’s better if your DJ have information about some certain music that you don’t like to be played.

Finalise Your Music Early

Finalising your song requests early will save you a lot of time and worries. You should be relaxing a few days before your big day instead of thinking what songs you like to hear during the reception. It is recommended to have all your song requests be sent two weeks or earlier prior to your wedding. The DJ must be able to confirm your event times and songs a week before your wedding.

Trust the DJ!

You don’t really need to plan out the entire music for your reception. If you don’t have the time to pick all the songs, you don’t have to as your wedding DJ will only ask your for some of your main songs like entrance and your bridal waltz.They will take care of everything. They are able to read the crowd and play the best songs they can dance to.