A beach wedding ceremony is one of the most romantic outdoor wedding locations. Who would not fell in love with a romantic sunset and the fresh breeze? However concerns with the music to a location where power outlets have limited access are usually a common problem. Explosive Entertainment have a lot of experiences with beach weddings. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t worry about a wedding DJ taking care of your beach wedding ceremony music:

Power Outlets/Power Cords

Usually ceremony lasts from 1 up to 3 hours including the pre-ceremony, the ceremony and post ceremony (for taking pictures). Beach ceremonies usually last for only 1.5 hours maximum. 30 minutes of waiting for all the guests, 30 minutes of ceremony and another 30 minutes post-ceremony for taking photos. The couples will usually need music before and during the ceremony. No need to be worried about power cords and power outlets regarding the music. Your wedding DJ have enough supply of battery powered sound systems. Rest assured that this is not going to be a problem.


Microphones are usually supplied by the wedding music provider. Sometimes, emcees bring their own microphones as well just in case that he will need it. A wireless microphone is recommended for a seamless sound. Corded mics are okay but a loose cord will make produce a static sound and it is very annoying.

Speaker Systems

Speaker Systems are portable, easy to set-up and battery-powered. Depending on the model and power output/input they usually last for about 3-4 hours (other models up to 8 hours) which is more than what you need for your ceremony.

Feedback From Speakers

Sound feedback is a common problem but easy to remedy. Just ask the MC to distance a little more from the speakers when speaking with the microphone.

These are the typical concerns we encounter in an outdoor ceremony. As long as all the equipment are portable and in good condition, your dream beach wedding ceremony music will be surely a success. How about you? Do you prefer an outdoor or an indoor ceremony? What problems or concerns did you encounter? Let us know in the comment section below.