Work Christmas Functions

Christmas is a holiday that nearly everyone enjoys, whether they celebrate it or not. And if you’re organising work Christmas functions, you have to make them fun, because your co-workers will have high expectations. Music is one of the few things that can make or break an event. And for that, you must hire a DJ who knows what they’re doing.

Finding a great DJ can be a daunting task, though. Most companies are either large corporations or small one-person establishments. The latter doesn’t have the capabilities to meet your needs, and the prior won’t personalise your experience.

None of these problems exists with Explosive Entertainment. We’re large enough to meet your demands but small enough to pay individual attention to each client. So if you choose to hire one of our DJs for work Christmas functions, your event is bound to be a success. Let’s talk about why.

How can a DJ help you?

Relieves stress

Once you hire a DJ, you take the burden of providing entertainment off your shoulders. This makes it easier for you to enjoy the event too. Also, it frees up time for you to focus on other aspects of the function.

Provides equipment

Work Christmas functions are incomplete without proper sound and lighting equipment. But most offices don’t keep robust speaker systems in their storeroom. If you can relate, don’t worry. Your DJ will bring along all of the best equipment for your function.

Choose the best playlist

With 22 years of experience, we know what music people enjoy. You can choose a genre or feel and we’ll pick the best songs and play them at the right time to keep the party going.

Note: You can also give us specific songs to play by filling out a simple form during the booking process.

Boost morale

The purpose of having work Christmas functions is to celebrate a year of hard work. It isn’t meant to be more work. However, if it is boring and an event everyone dreads going to, you aren’t meeting your goal. A DJ can make sure your employees have fun. Team chemistry is integral to boosting work productivity, and work Chrismas functions can be your opportunity to bolster it.

Importance of DJ Entertainment

Mixing up the music

Most companies have employees spanning different generations. Songs that appeal to Millenials may not appeal to Gen X and vice versa. But good DJs can blend holiday classics with newer upbeat songs and throw is some non-holiday songs. This keeps everyone excited.

Furthermore, a professional DJ doesn’t limit themselves to one genre or artist. A live artist or a co-worker’s iPod playlist won’t have as much variety.

Professional DJs are invested in your event

Someone DJing as a hobby or for fun won’t put in the same effort as a professional. The latter’s livelihood depends on the quality of their service, whereas an amateur isn’t affected much. And nothing is worse than hiring someone who doesn’t take your event seriously.

Our handpicked DJs are enthusiastic and the best in their business. Contact us to book one for your work Christmas function now.