A themed wedding is one of the best ways to celebrate the union of a loving couple. Instead of going all traditional, a themed wedding will double the fun. Its uniqueness will contribute a lot to your wedding’s success. Elvish, Gothic, Greek and fantasy are just some of the examples of a themed wedding. Here are the reasons why themed weddings rock.

Unique yet keeping the tradition

An all-white wedding is the universal colour for this special occasion. White gowns, white dresses for guests, white flowers and other white details are very common. White symbolises the colour of purity and beginnings that is why white is the perfect colour for weddings.  While a themed wedding’s colour palette depends on the theme itself, you may still incorporate white as part of the tradition. Themed weddings are very flexible and you can play a little bit with the colour motifs.

A Gothic wedding can incorporate colours like black and red, black and purple tied with lace patters and shiny fabrics like silk and satin. As for the tables, you can make purple the dominant colour so it doesn’t look very dark yet keeping the elegance of the event.

Elvish weddings are perfect for outdoor and garden venues as the main colour of the theme would be white and green. This is easier to style and will look good on photos. Wedding dresses are simpler yet pure and elegant.

Photos look more beautiful

Themed weddings are more colourful and brings out the best of every photo. Photos are very important as this is the thing left after the event has passed. When you look at those photos, it will remind you of that wonderful day where everybody had a great night.

Fun and Entertaining

Guests will never forget the amazing night they had at your wedding. It will always remind them those beautiful memories. The fun, the laughter and dancing the night away. Their feet may probably sore, but it’s worth it.

Your MC will incorporate his way of speaking based on the theme of your wedding and it’s refreshing to hear something new on a beautiful occasion. Your younger guests will enjoy their costumes worth sharing in social media. Adding in a photo booth to your reception will add so much fun to you and your guests. It is a must-have in any occasion as it is a great way to get your guests to their best mood.

Most people may go with the traditional way of celebrating but having a uniquely themed wedding with proper planning is more fun and entertaining.

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