Every little thing girl has probably dreamt and hoped that her wedding day will be perfect. From the dress to the cake and the venue, it’s all figured out. Regardless, weddings get disrupted every day by small details that get missed. It could be the caterer bringing the wrong meals or the wrong time printed on the invitations.

But what about the music? Good music must be on the wedding checklist. You need a good DJ to have good music at your wedding, and this is an easy way to ensure this part of the wedding goes off without a hitch. With that said, a good DJ can only do so much without the right information from you.

Here’s what your DJ should know before the wedding –

Job description

What exactly are you paying them for? To mix and play music? To add some MCing to that mix? If they are doing some MC work, let them know what the vibe is, as well as topics or jokes that are off-limits.

Basic information about the couple

Picture this – the DJ starts playing Perfect by Ed Sheeran and says, “this one’s from Bob to Angela.” Bob’s the groom…so far so good. Now, who’s Angela? The bride’s name is Amelia!

Not good. Ensure the DJ has your full details to avoid any embarrassing mix-ups.

Your playlist

What would be more uncomfortable than a couple standing around in the middle of the dance floor waiting while the best man is trying to change the song for their first dance. Get your playlist ready and hand it over to the DJ before the wedding, so they have a little time to get the right songs and arrange them appropriately.

The opposite of your playlist

A “do not playlist” is always necessary. The DJ will most likely have their selection of songs that are suited to the event, but you have the final word on what works and what doesn’t. The “do not play” list helps prevent them from playing any songs you don’t want to hear. Especially if you plan to take requests, the DJ will be able to tell them those songs are unavailable if requested.


So, you have John Legend’s All of Me on your playlist. Let your DJ know when to play it. During the father-daughter dance? Not sure it’s appropriate here. How about during the cake cutting or toast? Better? Much! Also, figure out how long you want them to play a song for you and let them know on time.

Ultimately, it’s your wedding day. Figuring out the logistics beforehand and getting all things in the right place saves you from a more hectic experience. If you are in the Gold Coast area of Australia, you’re in luck – we’ve got the best wedding DJs for your special day. Contact us at Explosive Entertainment and you can rest assured that music will be one thing you won’t have to worry about on your wedding day.