Most people associate DJs with clubs. Some believe that getting someone like that to play at a wedding is an unnecessary expense. Some think that anyone can do it. Why should you pay someone to just play music? After all, it’s just a matter of having some songs and… playing them, right?

Of course, not. Because a Gold Coast wedding DJ isn’t there to just play music. They are there for a greater purpose.

A wedding DJ sets the mood of the wedding.

Going beyond playlists and announcements, a DJ at a wedding can make it an unforgettable experience for everyone. Through the course of the event, they can make it lively, emotional, energetic, nostalgic and of course, romantic.

Some of the guests may not like the cuisine you choose. Some may have reservations about the venue. Heck, some may even have reservations about your partner! But chances are, most of them will love at least some of the music that the DJ would play. Therefore, it’s important to know everything a Gold Coast wedding DJ brings to the table.

5 Things a DJ Brings to a Wedding

1. The equipment

Music needs the right equipment to have its intended effect. A professional wedding DJ would have the equipment that would suit the acoustics of the venue. They would have experience playing in similar venues or maybe, the same one. When you hire a Gold Coast wedding DJ, you can forget about asking your friends and family for ill-fitting audio equipment.

2. The setup

Wedding DJs would know which parts of the venue need more amplification and which parts need it toned down. They are experienced in setting up the audio equipment without disturbing the venue. Even those who are really into music may not know how to properly set up audio equipment and importantly, how to remove them.

3. The music

A wedding DJ would have a bigger music library as they play at different kinds of weddings. Their playlists would cover everything from melodic duets to high-octane dance numbers. They would also customise the playlist to include songs that define your romance. They will also gladly not include songs or genres that you or your partner may not like.

4. The announcements

Wedding DJs are also called upon to act as emcees. They can introduce the couple and let your guests know what to expect. When a professional DJ makes an announcement, it carries more weight and your guests are more likely to follow it.

5. The tempo

A professional wedding DJ would know when to make it fast and when to make it slow. The couple’s first dance will have a completely different tempo from the dance the bride will have with her best friends. A DJ will vary the tempo to make it more engaging.

Those are five excellent reasons to go for a professional Gold Coast wedding DJ. In short, being professionals, they do things that amateurs can’t.