Keeping your DJ informed about your event is one of the ways to secure your wedding’s success. When you hire a wedding DJ to take care of the music for your reception, you have to let him know about other things like event running times, amount of guests and other particulars.

Why is it important?

Keeping your wedding DJ informed about your event details will prevent any misunderstanding that would cost your wedding’s success. Let’s say that at first you locked in for a 5pm-10pm reception but for some reasons you have changed the finishing time to be extended until 10:30. It is your responsibility to inform your wedding DJ that your reception will be extended so that he won’t the venue early.

What are the Things to Inform?

It is very important that you and your wedding DJ is on the same page with these things:

  1. Reception Run Times – Start and finish times are very important. Make sure that you and your wedding DJ have the same event times.
  2. Number of Guests – It is important to know the number of guests so that the DJ will bring the right equipment to suit your guests (size of speakers for example).
  3. Wedding Theme or Wedding Type – It is recommended to have the wedding theme go along with the music. Inform your DJ if you will have a particular wedding theme or any type of wedding so that he may play the most appropriate songs (e.g., Scottish, Jewish, Indian).
  4. Reception Main Songs – Have you and your DJ confirm the main songs for your wedding. To avoid confusion, minimise the last minute requests. You should be able to finalise your songs no later than two weeks before your wedding date. Check with your wedding DJ about which songs you have requested as your main songs.
  5. Do-Not-Play list – Do you have some songs that you really hate the most? Inform your wedding DJ ASAP that you don’t like certain songs to be played and rest assured that your DJ will never play any of these even if they are requested by your guests.

Securing your wedding’s success is all about attention to details, dealing with the right people and the transparent communication between you and your suppliers.