Wedding Music Trend 2017

Before, the wedding music is one of the least priorities during weddings but in this day and age, when a wedding is considered as a “huge” event, choosing the music is no longer about deciding who to sing or perform. Special performances and quality of services is greatly considered. Below are some of the latest wedding music trends that we are seeing right now.

Specialty entertainment. Some couples hire a special performance band who can sing and do choreographed dance made special for the wedding. This specialty performance is different from a band and DJ and the payment is also different. They usually take place during set breaks. During the performance, they ask guests to stand and join the fun, giving more life and energy to a wedding.

A wedding DJ and band collaboration. We’ve seen this trend rise up during past 2 years. Couples pay attention to what the music does to their crowd so much that they hire two entertainers: DJ and band. Sometimes, the DJ will incorporate its audio mixing while the band sings live. Then, the DJ will play in between set breaks of the band and will remain on-site for the after-party crowd. This will definitely give variations of music, which something the couple and guests will enjoy. There’s never a dull moment during a wedding if you have both a DJ and a band.

Traditional dances no longer a priority. It’s ok if you don’t have a traditional father and daughter dance or other rehearsed traditional dance during your wedding. Millennial couples nowadays preferred the event just to be lively and whatever form of entertainment they want is perfectly fine, as long as the guests are enjoying and having fun. In some weddings, the entourage dance along with the couples.

Choreographed bridal waltz. Aside from the traditional “waltz” brides and grooms today take time to rehearse their wedding dance that they coordinate closely with the band or DJ playing during the wedding for musical transition. Sometimes, after the traditional dance, they have choreographed hip-hop dance at the end and ask every guest to join in.


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