Your wedding day is coming up and you have a lot on your mind. One thing you wonder is how your DJ is going to manage to get your reluctant family dancing or keep your rowdy friends from monopolizing the song list. Gold Coast Wedding DJs are here to ease your mind and share a few of our secrets.

The Easy Ones

Some of the secrets are less secrets than they are common sense. Having lots of music from different genres and eras is crucial to any multigenerational event, be it your Gold Coast wedding or your family reunion party. Good DJs rotate eras and genres and pay close attention to what’s resonating and with whom.

The other not-at-all well-kept secret is that the bride is the guide. If you’re the bride then your happiness is our number one concern. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want before the day so we can plan together.

Name That Tune

Your DJ knows that the first rule of getting people on the dance floor is that they have to know the song playing. It makes sense—people are more comfortable with the familiar, and they need to be comfortable or they’re going to stay put and have another cocktail.

If you want specific songs played that aren’t widely known, be sure to let us know before the event. A few special songs that are new to the crowd won’t dampen the fun, but we need to weave them into the set list seamlessly.

Don’t Ask

One real secret is that DJs would rather not take requests at weddings. We will, reluctantly, but we would rather guests remember that the bride and groom decided on the music—and the DJ—and respect their plans. We also have a lot of ingenious ways of discouraging requests, but for the sake of future brides, we won’t be revealing those secrets (we might spill if you ask).

Keep It Clean

Maybe you like your music in its original form, even if that means filled with curse words. Your DJ will probably want to play the radio versions instead. As we mentioned, weddings are multigenerational events, and clean versions are far less likely to cause a problem. You should trust your DJ to make this call; we are professionals at reading a room. Speaking of…

Reading the Room

DJs spend time scanning the crowd. We want to know who’s dancing, and who is not dancing. Our mission is to keep your crowd happy, and one way to do that is to have lots of strategies to encourage any wannabe wallflowers.

Another way is to have back-up plans. If despite our work beforehand the crowd is not what we expect, rest assured that your Gold Coast Wedding DJs are prepared for anything.

Now that you know some of our wedding DJ secrets, you can plan wisely and relax, knowing that the soundtrack of your wedding will be unforgettable.