2020 has been a crazy year, filled with ups and downs and cancelled events – weddings especially. While no one is certain what 2021 will bring, we’ve got expectations for what weddings might look like.

Here are a few 2021 wedding trends

More “I Dos”

If there’s anything the pandemic has taught us, it’s that we’re better off living in the moment than waiting for the perfect time. More couples will exchange vows and be married officially before having the lavish wedding party of their dreams.

Wedding week

You waited so long and jumped so many hurdles to get to this stage. You’ve exchanged vows, now it’s time for the wedding party. Social distancing and limited crowds will likely still be in place. So, make it a smaller affair but for a longer period. Perhaps call it, “a week-long intimate affair”.

Thought planning one small wedding was fun? Guess how much more fun planning a few small ones will be. Especially if you have a hard time picking one thing – a dress, a cake, one hairstyle. Now, you can have as many as you want. Of course, there has to be one constant – your spouse!

Gains for all

In a testament to the human spirit, people are looking out for each other. The need to support small/local businesses has increased. Couples are right in the middle of this trend since there’s less ability or desire to work with vendors from around the world due to travel restrictions. Instead, they are going for the locals. This is much cheaper and less stressful. Couples are also going green and hosting eco-friendlier weddings. Using locally-sourced materials and small businesses contributes positively to this.

Non-traditional brides

Think fewer ball gowns, mermaid dresses, strapless dresses, or whites, and think more pantsuits, jumpsuits, sequins, and colours! We might see face masks make an appearance in the couple’s looks, but we’re sure they will reflect whatever personal style they’re going with.

Live plants (especially green ones)

Expect to see more luscious greenery than the typical flowers you’re probably used to. Ever seen cacti on a wedding table? Get ready to see some in 2021. Also, expect to see garlands of other greens hanging from the ceiling. Couples who can’t have the destination wedding of their dreams could probably use this to their advantage and use tropical plants to give off destination island vibes.

Pandemic and the new normal aside, some things will remain constant at weddings – dance and good music. Are you planning your hire a wedding Dj on the Gold Coast? Let us, at Explosive Entertainment be your wedding DJs and create a wonderful playlist for you.