Last minute changes for your wedding are unavoidable. There are circumstances where you have to adjust certain things in your wedding like the timings, the music, the speech order and others. But sometimes, last minute changes may lead to a major wedding disappointment as there is a great risk that the information for the last minute change might not deliver on time and leave your suppliers uninformed of the change in your wedding. Here are some wedding dj tips to deal with it:

When Emailing the Changes, Call to Confirm

If your main communication with your supplier, especially your wedding DJ, make sure to call after you emailed the changes in your wedding. This is to ensure that they have received the email and acknowledged your request. Relaying and confirming the information as fast as possible is highly advised.

Make Changes No More than Two Times

Before you inform your wedding DJ or other suppliers that you are changing something in your wedding (best example is the start or finish of your reception), please make changes no more than two times. It is recommended to finalise everything before sending the information through to your supplier to avoid confusion.

Avoid Weekends and Out of Office Hours

As much as possible, avoid contacting your wedding supplier during the weekends or our of office hours. This is because they might not be able to read the email or might not be contactable as they are not in the office. It is best that you email, private message, or call them during their working hours.

Your Event and Music Details Should be Locked in Two Weeks Prior the Event

Here in Explosive Entertainment, we advise our brides to send their music requests no later than two weeks prior their wedding. This is because we want our brides to have their music well prepared and assign the best wedding DJ for them based on their music selections. This will also help us check and confirm the availability of their wedding DJ on that day.

Here are some tips on how to deal with your last minute changes. Communication between you and your suppliers is the key to a successful wedding. Always be clear and certain with your choices to avoid misunderstanding and ensure a smooth-sailing wedding day.