Someone Takes Control of the Music

Someone has to take control of the music for you. Though your iPod could be the cheapest choice since all you need is an mp3 player loaded with songs in it, the iPod is probably the worse choice of entertainment for your guests. A DJ in your reception will provide the best quality of music from the best equipment. If you don’t have a speaker loud enough to cater a large reception room, eventually the speaker will give in and it will break the party.

Can Take Over MC duties for you

Asking a friend over to MC your wedding is not recommended. Although many brides are doing this, giving your guest a job to do doesn’t sound right. Your guests should be having fun the entire night. A wedding DJ is not only there to take care of the music, they can also do the MC duties. They will run your reception in order   and will entertain your guests as well. Sometimes they make short games for guest interaction.

Able to Read the Crowd

You may have an MP3 player or an Ipod for you playing all night long, but once your guests are bored of the songs from your playlist, they will just walk out of the dancefloor and wait for an epic song to be played. With a DJ in your reception, every song is a hit and your dancefloor will always be full.

More Options to Entertain Guests

Other than music, a wedding DJ in your reception provides other forms of entertainment such as balloon twisting & magic tricks, be your singer, play a certain instrument for you or provide a photobooth for you.