We’ve been in the industry for a very long time and even with countless weddings and events, we still go by these essentials. This is a must for us. 🙂

A DJ Listen

Listening to your clients is always the key. After all, it’s their special day and we are only there to help and make the experience “extra special”. But of course, adding suggestions won’t hurt.


A DJ Backup

Even if we have the latest equipment or the newest hard drive, accidents are something we can’t prevent. It’s always best to be ready.


A DJ Venue

This is a must. Checking the venue, where to put the DJ table, and other necessary matters must be handled first before the event.


A DJ Equipment in Advance

Ahead of the wedding and hours before the wedding. This is a protocol.


A DJ Pronounce Names Right

Be sure to get to know the wedding couples and their special guests especially if you are the MC as well. Getting the names right and pronouncing it right is a must for every DJ.


A DJ Requested Tune

There are countless of music requests during weddings and events and as DJs, we must try our best to accommodate them. And we must also be fast in locating that music from our database. We would not want to keep them waiting.


A DJ Fun

Because who wants a boring DJ anyway?


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