When planning a wedding, it is great to note that some wedding professionals charge more than the others.  It can be hard to understand most of the time, especially if you are somewhat new to wedding planning but there’s actually a lot of factors why their price is a much higher. And yes, it is completely ok.

An average cost of wedding DJ services in the Gold Coast is about $1,000. Some offer packages that go along with it like uplighting and photo booth but there are also some that base their rate in terms of DJ experience and equipment used. If you are still confused on who to hire, we’ve listed a breakdown of the factors that go along with the pricing to help you better understand. Read on.

Experience. There are a lot of DJ companies around and yes, they are good. They provide services that are ok and they can actually keep the dance floor pumped up. But a DJ with years of experience under his belt is much more consistent. Most of the time, this DJ has handled many problems that might arise during the wedding and of course, he would know how to deal with it. Surely today, with the rise of EDM and easy to use DJ equipment, many suddenly became interested in the craft. But can they keep up? Experience and consistency is the key, still.

Staffing. Great DJs who provide awesome services should be compensated well. It’s not just about doing the job but letting the personality shine in every job. Is he gracious? Does he listen to requests? Would he be willing to accommodate some more songs before the end of the night?

Also with the DJ are other staff members who make sure the night run smoothly. They take care of the equipment, they run errands, and they basically handle everything for you. DJ company’s pricing also covers for their compensation.

Partner venues and equipment used. Hi-end DJ companies also use their resources to meet and partner with awesome wedding venues. This is an added cost on their part but it would absolutely make the planning of soon-to-wed couples easier. On these partner venues, a DJ company can install their own state of the art equipment, which is also an extra cost on their part. But all in all, it’s all for quality service.

Music. Yes, professional DJs pay for their own music. It’s easy to download songs yes, but the quality might be different. They purchase songs from legitimate sources so they can use them and we are talking about thousands of songs here.

Insurance and other operational costs. There are lots of other “added” costs that go into running a business. Aside from maintaining the equipment, they also allot money on paying rent for office space, utilities, transportation, business licenses, and marketing. They also pay huge amount for insurance, which is very important if anything unnecessary during the event happen.

There are a lot of DJ companies that charge a much lower price and apart from that, they are also offering other promos and services which are unbelievable when you look at how low they are charging. Now that you have an idea on how much a quality DJ or entertainment company pay to keep their business, you  can’t help but think: how do some manage to keep their operations smooth if they are charging way below the average?

If you are a bride looking for entertainment and you want to keep your wedding classy, would you risk hiring someone who promises the best for such a low cost? For us, it sounds too good to be true.

Remember, a wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Make sure you have the best with you.