Gold Coast Wedding Dj

A lot of soon-to-wed couples today are choosing to upgrade their entertainment packages to include the latest trends in the weddings and events industry. From the ceremony proper, dance floor, uplighting, and choice of DJ, they are carefully planning what to include to have a day extra special and unforgettable.

Here are the top 5 we like. Read on!

Ceremony upgrade. A ceremony is an integral part of the wedding. While traditional ceremonies are here to stay, most couple opt to have add-ons such as aisle uplighting and wedding DJ to cater to a ceremony music.

The Grand Entrance. Couples today want to make a statement entrance during their wedding. Some even pay to hire a choreographer just to have it perfectly. Wedding entertainment hire like DJs work along with the couple for this. With dance floor monograms and proper uplighting, it’ll surely be something everyone will remember.

Dance Floor Upgrades. This include walking on cloud effect, uplighting, and an extensive playlist that you can work with your entertainment provider prior to the event to fit your theme.

Specialised photo booth. Traditional photo booths are fun and there are actually a lot of available booth hire in your area. Today however, specialised photo booths are on the rise. There are living scene booths, social media savvy booths, walking booth, 360 degrees booth, caravan booth, and a lot more! Talk to your entertainment agent if you want to get one.

State of the art music equipment. An upgrade from the basic equipment is a must for better sound quality. It is a fact. Entertainment providers offer packages for this along with other add ons that you can choose from. It’ll surely be worth it for you and your treasured guests.

Planning to upgrade your entertainment game? Give us a call. We can help!