We’ve mentioned it many times before and we are going to say it again here: the DJ (who provide music and entertainment) plays an essential role in the overall success of your wedding. Brides today have a lot of things to consider when it comes to wedding and most of the time, it would take up a lot of their budget. In fact, according to studies, (1) the utmost priorities of brides during the wedding are the attire, the reception, and the food. After the wedding however, almost all brides would have made the wedding entertainment their highest priority. (2) Almost 80% of guests however,  say one of the best things they remember most about the wedding is the entertainment. (3) And more than half of all couples who hire a wedding band said they would have chosen a DJ if they had to do it over again.


If you are doing your research (or if you’ve been asking your married friends about what they think after their wedding), a bad entertainment can really ruin your wedding.  Soon-to-be-brides should learn from past brides and they should not take entertainment for granted.  Below are some tips to convince you to hire a quality wedding DJ.

Everything is a serious business for a passionate, professional DJ. Before the wedding, a DJ and his team scout the venue and set the tone for the evening. He studies the wedding theme and the mood in order to maintain an entertaining ambiance for the bride and the groom and their guests.  An hour before the reception starts and when the guests start coming in, a good DJ would greet them with a smile while last minute equipment tests.

Quality DJ is known in the business. He has been booked many times to countless weddings and in turn, he knows most of the wedding suppliers. He can work with ease with them and at the same time coordinate with them to deliver the best possible services for the couple. You may ask your venue or other supplier you are working with for DJ suggestions and they will surely give you the best names in the industry, without sacrificing your budget.

It is ok to spend more and it will be worth it. According to Easy Weddings annual wedding survey for 2015, 41% of brides plan to spend more than on their wedding $30,000. With this, feel free to allot a considerable budget for your wedding DJ. DJ service fee varies. They range from $400 up to even $2000 but of course, the quality of service varies as well. DJs who charge $1000 and up work to customise your event for you. If you want it unique in every aspect, these DJs would even act as a coordinator and work with suppliers to do research in planning the ceremony and the reception.  Not only that, the price often comes with other services such as MC. These DJs would also meet with you several times before the wedding to make sure everything will run smoothly.

We are not saying however, that  DJs who charge around $400 or $500 are not that good. In fact, most can provide great music and can entertain guests. But mostly, these DJs will just come, play music, and encourage everyone to dance. They are less likely to help you plan or personalise your wedding. But the choice is still up to you. What is important is that they make you and the guests happy.


There are a lot of wedding DJ companies sometimes, the quality of service is being neglected just to gain profit and help the business. It’s still business after all, they say. But learn to trust your instincts and find those that will help you along the way. Find those who have an open line of communication that they are willing to reply even if you ask countless of times.