Some of our brides asked what do they need to do as it’s their first time having a wedding and they have no idea what to do with the music. Here are some tips that will give you an idea on what to do after you booked in a wedding DJ:

Confirm Event Details

After you booked in with your DJ, you must have received a confirmation from them that you are indeed booked-in. Check the event details. Is the date correct? Will they be there at the time of your reception? The DJ usually arrives an hour before your reception starts to set-up and soundcheck . They will begin the performance when you enter the reception or when the guests arrive, depends on what you and your wedding DJ’s agreement.

When to Submit the Song Requests?

You can submit your song requests early or a little later, depends on your agreement with your DJ. Here in Explosive Entertainment, we contact our brides a month before their wedding to follow up the songs (if they haven’t submitted anything yet). This will give enough time to organise everything especially if there are unique song requests (like foreign songs, cultural etc). It is recommended to finalise all song requests on or before 2 weeks prior your wedding date.

Last Minute Requests

If there is a change in songs, times, or any additional requests, make sure that your DJ acknowledged the request so that you and him are on the same page. Instead of making your last minute request via e-mail, you should call your wedding DJ and clarify all your last minute requests.

What Else to Do?

If your DJ is also your MC, it is recommended to send him a runsheet or your reception timeline especially the order of speeches. You may also discuss further about how you want your reception to be. The tone and style of MCing depends on what kind of crowd you have and your expectations with the reception