Hiring a Wedding Venue DJ is a good way to organise your music. They are trusted by the wedding venue and it saves you time to look for a suitable wedding DJ. Here in this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of hiring a wedding venue DJ.

Trusted by the Venues

When discussing options and wedding packages with your wedding venue, they will sometimes give you a “vendor list” that allows you to choose other suppliers that you will need for your wedding. Photographer, celebrants and wedding DJs are some of the options that your reception venue might offer you. Are they reliable?

For a venue to include these suppliers in their list, the supplier must meet their standards before they give their seal of recommendation. If the professionals trust them, you should trust them as well. People are most likely to hire professionals recommended by professionals.

Saves Time and Money

Preparing for your wedding is sometimes overwhelming and it’s a common issue among brides. Hiring a supplier trusted by the venue will save your a lot of time looking for the right fit. Most of the times, suppliers like Wedding DJ is already included in a package so you won’t need to hire a separate one. It will save you money and less paperwork to take care of. Wedding venues will also give you their contact number or email address so that you will be able to discuss what you want for your wedding and set the right expectations.

Equipment Concerns

The only thing concerning about hiring an in-house wedding DJ is the equipment. Some venues will require their DJ partners to use the venue sound systems that may sometimes fail. The DJ is only there to perform and they perform the soundcheck on the spot. It is the venue’s responsibility to ensure that their speakers work great and the sound quality is up to standards. Ask your wedding DJ if they use their own equipment or the venue sound equipment.

TIP: Ask Further Questions

Asking further questions to your DJ & sound supplier will make it easier for you to shoo away those worries. Here are some good examples to ask for your wedding DJ to sort out all your concerns regarding the music for your wedding:

  1. Do you accept guests’ request?
  2. Do you cater music for all ages?
  3. What do you offer aside from music? Can I see a price list of your extras?
  4. What equipment do you use?
  5. Do you accept requests on the night?
  6. Can you play our music at a specific time?
  7. I have artists and songs that I don’t like. Is this ok not to play?

Here in Explosive Entertainment, we only want what is the best for you. Catering to every of your request is our job and making sure that you and your guests had a great time is our promise. For more questions and concerns about hiring a wedding DJ, you may contact us HERE.