What is the number one way to make your wedding reception the grand party you’ve always dreamed of?

Hire a professional wedding DJ.

Music is an essential part of your wedding reception. The wrong music makes for a ho-hum event in which people stick around out of politeness. The right music gets people up on their feet and dancing and having a fabulous time.

But not all DJs are created equal. Read on for a quick guide on how to hire a professional Gold Coast wedding DJ.


A big factor for many people will be the cost of the wedding DJ. After all, you’ve got to stick to your budget.

However, don’t let the price tag be the single deciding factor when choosing a DJ. A DJ is far more than just some random person sitting over in the corner playing music. Experienced DJs know how to read a crowd, feel the vibe, and choose music that will feed it.

Read Reviews

It’s not always easy or practical to “test drive” a DJ. You could crash a wedding where the DJ is working, but we don’t recommend that.

Instead, find some reviews from people who have hired the DJ in the past. You can find these online or you can ask the DJ for a list of references. Always remember to take negative reviews with a grain of salt, particularly if there is only one or two in a sea of glowing five stars.


While it’s possible that an amazing DJ could have a less-than-inspiring website, it’s unlikely. Serious wedding professionals know the importance of excellent presentation — both on the Internet and in real life. So, take a look at their website. What does it say about them? Do they appear willing to invest in their business?

Also, check them out on social media. Most of them are on Instagram or Facebook and will post photos and videos of themselves working at an event.

This is the closest you can usually get to seeing them in action before your event. As such, this is a valuable resource that shouldn’t be ignored.

Request a Demo

While you usually won’t be able to see your potential DJ in action with a real live crowd, you can at least request a live demo. Talk with the DJ about the songs you enjoy and the general vibe you want to create for your reception. Then, sit back and see what they come up with.

Hiring a Gold Coast Wedding DJ

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With over 20 years of experience and a staff full of dedicated, full-time wedding DJs, we have an outstanding option for your event. So get ready to watch your guests’ toes tapping and taking a spin around the dance floor during the reception of your dreams.