Is it Better to have a DJ or a Band at a Wedding?

There are a lot of factors that play into how awesome your wedding ceremony is, but when it comes to the reception, there’s one that makes or breaks it.
The music.
The music you choose for your reception will either get everyone up on their feet dancing the night away…or not. To that end, you need to pay close attention to this important detail.
Your first question might be, “is it better to have a DJ or a band at a wedding?” Let’s compare and find out.

1. Budget

First, what’s your budget? Live bands are typically significantly more expensive than hiring a DJ. In general, the more members in the band the more expensive it will be.
Of course, highly-sought-after DJs can also get expensive, but bands have more people to pay.

2. Repertoire

No matter how skilled the band, it will never have a repertoire as big as a DJ. It just isn’t possible. Also, if you want to hear the original versions of your favourite songs, the DJ is your only option.
Of course, if you like the band’s cover versions, that can be a nice way to have unique but familiar music at your wedding. Just know that the repertoire will be smaller and they may not be able to take requests (or perform the requested songs).

3. Venue and Space Considerations

When deciding between a DJ and a band, you’ll want to consider the venue and how much space is available.
A DJ just needs a corner where they can set up their turntable and space for a few speakers. Of course, many venues will already have the sound system set up and all the DJ has to do is connect to it.
A live band with all its members and musical instruments takes up a lot more space than a DJ. Generally, they’ll need at least a small stage or another open area where they can set up. They’ll also need space for their sound equipment or the ability to plug into the venue’s equipment.
Some venues do not allow live bands, so that is another consideration. Furthermore, in some spaces, like on the beach, a live band is just downright impractical.

DJ vs Wedding Band: Summing it Up

So, is it better to have a DJ or a band at your wedding? There isn’t really one right answer. There are more logistical concerns with a live band and it also generally more expensive with a smaller repertoire than a DJ. But if you have your heart set on it, go for it!
For most people, hiring a DJ is the most economical and practical way to go. A DJ will also help to take the stress out of the wedding day itself by acting as your emcee, keeping up the energy, and keeping the events moving along.

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