Organising your music is not that difficult. You don’t need to spend a lot of time picking songs. If you already know the kind of music you want for your wedding, picking songs will be piece of cake. Here are some tips to organise your songlist easily.

Preparation Period

When it comes to preparation, it varies. As long as you submit your song request not too late, your wedding DJ will have enough time to prepare the best songs for you. Explosive Entertainment recommends to submit your songlist on or before two weeks prior the wedding. The DJ needs time to create the playlist and knowing that you already selected your songs early will help a lot. Some of our brides here in Explosive Entertainment organise as early as one year prior the wedding.

Matching the Theme

It is better to match the music according to your wedding theme to suit the style, the ambiance and the mood. It is recommended to discuss with your wedding DJ the type of music that you like. Drop by an email or call them to catch up and discuss.


Reception entry, bridal waltz, cake cutting are just some of the formalities that happen in a reception. It is best to have song for each of your formality to impress your guests. Consult to your wedding DJ on what is the best to play. If you already have one in mind, all you need to do is to compile it in one place. A notepad, word doc and spreadsheet will do. If you are having a traditional and cultural wedding you need to inform your DJ as well. For example, if you are having a big fat Greek Wedding (pun intended) and you want a Zorba, you have to tell the DJ. This will give him enough time to prepare for the track and get back to you to confirm the version (and length of the music) that you want.

List Your Must Play and Do-Not-Play

Different people have different tastes in music. And it only takes one song to create an awkward moment to you and your guests. Make sure that you also include your do not play list so that the DJ of the night is aware of the songs you don’t like. Don’t forget to include your favourites so that the DJ of the night will include it in your must play songs.

Clear Instructions for Non-English Songs

If you want a music other than English songs, you may do so. Here at Explosive Entertainment, we cater for every client of every ethnicity. We want you to have the best night ever. If you have music requests for foreign language songs, list the name of the song and artist. If you already have a saved files for it, you may place it in an online storage folder and share to your wedding DJ.

Organising your wedding music is easy. You just need to know what you want and how you want your music to be. Always be clear with your wedding DJ and make sure that any last minute change has been acknowledged.