Pick the perfect song


Are you looking for something unique for your reception? Why not surprise your groom with a song! Dedication songs are sweet, romantic and will make your spouse the happiest on your special day.

If you have a wedding DJ, surprising your groom with a song is easy! Just follow the steps:

Pick the Perfect Song

Do you have a song that you and your spouse love to sing? You can start from there. Picking the song that fits the lyrics of your lives together are the best song to sing! Lyrics that expresses adoration and affection are a good fit. You could also sing the favorite song of your spouse and pair it with an interpretative dance.

Coordinate with Your DJ

Inform your wedding DJ that you are planning to do this as he will be playing the music for you. Inform him about when to play it or you may also discuss with him when is the best time to do this.

Finding the Karaoke/Instrumental Version

You can find instrumental or karaoke version of songs on Youtube and just download it as an MP3. You could also inform your wedding DJ and give the Youtube link so he can download it for you. Sometimes, if there is no available karaoke version of that certain song so you will still need to inform your DJ, he might have it available in his music library.

Practice up to your best effort

You don’t need to be a “singer” or have an angelic voice to surprise your spouse. You just need to sing the song with your best effort. Allow enough time for you to practice (make sure your partner is not there so you won’t get busted) the song. No matter what happens, he will appreciate your efforts.

Rocking your reception doesn’t need to be flashy. Singing with sincerity from the bottom of your heart will make the difference.