Reasons why iPod is a bad alternative for your reception

Recently I’ve joined some Facebook bridal groups and found some posts about brides asking if it’s okay to just use iPod for their music. Other brides replied that it’s just okay but I have to disagree with them and here are the reasons why:

Heat is Your Enemy

Electronic devices do not function well with extreme heat. Ipods tend to automatically shutdown to prevent itself from overheating. If you are having a venue outdoors and the day is at its hottest, chances are the device might not turn on and there will be no music for your wedding.

Your Playlist is not for Everybody

We all have different taste in music and the songs that you picked might not be liked by some of your guests. If the music is not good enough for your guests, the dance floor is going to be empty for a while until there is a new song that guests can dance to.

Technical Problems

Sometimes, gadgets and equipment may seem to have technical problems and they don’t seem to function smoothly. For some reasons the iPod might restart for no reason and what if it restarts in the middle of the party or in the middle of your first dance? There will be an awkward moment of silence and it will be embarrassing!

No Personal Touch

Wedding DJs have a talent for reading the crowd and play the music that is best for you and for your guests. They also do some occasional dedication announcements “This song is dedicated to..” or “This song is requested by…”. They also encourage your guests to hop on the dancefloor and enjoy the rest of the night.

Having an iPod to do the music for your wedding might be really money-saving (it’s almost free if you own one) but that doesn’t guarantee that your guests are going to have a good time. Having someone who is in control of music, a professional wedding DJ for example,  is always better.