Having a lunch reception for your wedding is recommended for newlyweds who are looking for a more relaxed celebration. If you are planning to have a lunch or an early dinner reception, here are some tips on how to make the best out of it.

The Theme of the Reception

Are you having an indoor or outdoor reception? Outdoor receptions are usually in a garden, at the lakeside or an open space area of a venue. Venues like Cedar Creek Lodges have at least two open space area where you and your guests can enjoy a nice lunch while appreciating the beauty of nature. Outdoor lunch receptions are somehow cheaper since you don’t need to spend a lot when it comes to food, styling, alcoholic beverages and others.

Food and Drinks

Most venues offer discounts for lunch receptions. If you want to save the money for the best honeymoon then celebrating your wedding at noon time is the best for you. Don’t forget to compare with other venues and if they have a sample tasting then much better. Discuss with your partner on how are you going ahead. Most lunch receptions do not require a lot of heavy drinks. Most of the time a champagne will do as people will most likely not drink alcohol in the middle of the day.


When it comes to music, lunch reception doesn’t require a lot but that doesn’t mean that you can skip this one. As some people will find an afternoon wedding celebration boring, you will need the music to make the environment more alive. Music for lunch venues are usually more relaxed, soothing yet entertaining. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, you and your guests can still dance and enjoy the party especially if you have a skilled DJ present at your wedding.

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