Are you getting married this year? You probably have your checklist with you and you review over and over again the things that you need to prioritise when it comes to wedding planning. It is of course obvious that the wedding industry has evolved so much throughout the years. We’ve come to know various wedding themes, the latest in event technology, the new style of photography and cinematography, and of course there are also new suppliers who introduce unique concept that you can use as add-ons on your wedding.

If you already planned your wedding out but still looking for easy alternatives that you can use, we’ve some of the hottest wedding trends this year. We’re halfway through the year but it’s never too late to check some of these out. Maybe your wedding coordinator can help with more planning and changes. 🙂 Read on.


An intimate affair. Treasured friends and family members cozying it up on the dance floor.

Something intimate. More and more couples today are opting to have an intimate wedding where they invite most of their treasured friends and family members. It’s more of a whole day activity with a fun family atmosphere because most of the people invited truly know each other. This is also a great time to share stories about the couple because the day, after all, is about them.


Personalised table number tells a story about the newly weds. Source:

A personal affair. 2016 also saw the rise of “wedding personalisation“. Couples are telling their stories through wedding accessories such as bouquet, table numbers, wedding favors, and a lot more. Some are even giving personal notes to each of their guests. It’s all about hearts of course since these couples really want to share their stories on how they fell in love to their treasured guests. This also makes the guests more involved in the whole celebration of wedding.


Vintage meets modern. Gorgeous industrial theme table setup.             Source:

The industrial chic. This wedding theme that is becoming so popular this year is a combination of vintage and modern. Think of light bulbs, wooden accessories, and totally unique venues. Think of former factories, lofts, roof tops, and huge white spaces. Modern, soon-to-wed couples prefer this theme because it allows them to choose a unique and very interesting venue for their wedding and the designs are somewhat easy to pull-off. The modern feel of industrial wedding is very inviting as well.


Lovely boho flowers. Source:

Flowers as favor. When looking for wedding favors, couples today opt to choose something useful, or something that would somehow touch the hearts of their guests. Edible favors were a huge thing last year because they’re practical but now, we are seeing lots of flowers (plants or bouquets) as favors. Some even hire florists for on the spot styling, depending on what the guests wants. A personal or thank you message is most of the time attached to these flowers for couples to show their guests how much they appreciate their presence. Cool idea, yes?


Cozy reception. Source:

Family style reception. This is becoming quite popular too. A family style reception setup is very casual, fun, and intimate. Food are served in long tables at once and guests (composed of the bride and groom’s close circle) pass on plates and drinks, share bottles of wine, and share meaningful stories. It’s also a full day bonding for some because some couples usually hire a venue for a whole day for this. The bonding continues at night when they serve some snacks or mini bonfires for some marshmallow bonding.


Find a Dj who can do both ceremony and reception music.

A ceremony DJ. Soon to wed couples hire a DJ usually during the reception to keep the night alive and to rock the dance floor for guests to enjoy. However, more and more couples now are hiring a DJ for their ceremony as well. These DJs usually have a set of songs for the ceremony and have the best audio equipment perfectly suited for a ceremony venue. Couples usually have their song list for the ceremony and they discuss it with their DJ months before the event. Next time you see a DJ booth in a chapel or ceremony venue, don’t be surprised. 🙂

What other wedding trends do you have in mind? Feel free to share!