Are you planning on having  a DJ for your wedding? A DJ actually plays a very important role to keep the mood and the atmosphere of any wedding up and alive. Wedding DJs usually have a huge selection of playlist that can be used not only during the reception but also during the wedding ceremony. Weddings are made up of many beautiful, emotional, and fantastic moments and what keeps these moments extra special and memorable is the music. A DJ who can create a beautiful blend of rhythm for your special day is certainly a good investment. But before booking your wedding DJ, below are some important things to consider. 🙂

Consider the playing style. Couples have different styles when it comes to music and of course, it is better to hire someone who can keep up with that style. Is he an expert in doing weddings? Or is he the type who works mainly at parties or corporate events? What music does he usually play during weddings? When hiring a DJ, make sure he has the style similar to yours. Have an open channel for communication. Suggest a playlist and see what you can work out from there.

A flexible music playlist. When you hear the word DJ, the first thing that comes to your mind is a party. Most couples look forward to having a DJ in their reception to make everyone go on the dance floor but not all are aware of the fact that DJs can set the mood and emotions of a wedding ceremony too. Make sure that you are booking a DJ who can set various tones, from emotional to festive. If a party DJ can wind up a good ceremony music then that’s perfect.

The type of setup and equipment. Find a wedding DJ hire company who can set up a booth for a specific wedding theme, whether it is a rustic, elegant, vintage, or outdoor. It is also essential to ask if the equipment they will be using can fit in your wedding venue. A DJ company who has catered to many different events and who have invested so much in their equipment is certainly a good choice. Check photos of setup and equipment used.

Experience, awards, and professional accreditations. You might want to consider a DJ who has been in the business for a long time because this means that he already encountered unavoidable problems such as last minute music requests, sound system glitch, and unexpected program twists. You may also want to check for awards they received over the years. This could mean that your DJ is actually doing his job well and won’t disappoint.

Event partners. A wedding DJ hire who has a lot of event partners (venues, photographers, wedding stylists) could mean that he have been to many different wedding events and that he actually knows what he’s doing. This can also mean that he can deal with various vendors and that he can work to keep the wedding flow smooth.