Wedding DJ LiveWhen planning a wedding on the Gold Coast, many couples underestimate the importance of a DJ. The DJ can either make or break your night. As a DJ of 22 years continuous work, I have heard the heartbreaking stories from future clients on their bad experiences from previous events that they may have hosted or just been to.

 You will find that most are either one-man operations, where if something goes wrong there is no back up, or else they are large companies that are unable to provide the personalised service you deserve.

“If you leave the function with a great big smile on your face talking to your friends about how much fun you just had, then the DJ has done their job right.”

So, what does a DJ actually do?

The problem is most people do not understand what a DJ is actually supposed to do. Are they just there to play the music? Of course not. They are there to make your night the most memorable night that you have ever had. If you leave the function with a great big smile on your face talking to your friends about how much fun you just had, then the DJ has done his job right. These are the feelings that keep our DJ’s fuelled with energy and excitement every single time they do a special event.

Although we have been continually growing from the beginning, our approach and aims have not altered. We are large enough to enable flexibility, yet small enough to ensure you are our number one. Our Gold Coast DJ and Brisbane DJs are hand-picked – chosen for their quality, appearance, performance, experience and professionalism and best of all, they work solely for us! Our goal is to be considered as the best in the field of Mobile Djs, so with every client, we make every effort to guarantee that their event is one that will not be forgotten.

Every booking is of huge importance to us and each is treated equally. Nothing is too big or too small. Paying attention to the little details in order to make your event the one you want it to be is what sets Explosive Entertainment Gold Coast apart from the rest.

When planning for your event, we work closely with you to make sure that any particular genres of music are focused on or avoided. In addition to this, we send out a song request sheet so that we can make sure that your favorite songs are played on the night! If we don’t have it, we will get it. Guaranteed. We also have a $20 million public liability insurance, which means we are covered to work in any venue throughout Australia.

Although it’s cliche to say that once you work with Explosive Entertainment, you will never look back however in this case it is true! We have clients that come back to us time and time again and the number of recommendations we receive is constantly growing!

We understand that the events that you use us for are often of lifetime significance or at the very least, important to you. This is why we believe that you will not find a company that provides better service, satisfaction, equipment or professionalism than Explosive Entertainment & Gold Coast Wedding Dj.

Don’t jeopardize your special day. Your one and only organised event of in some cases your lifetime event that you would like to remember forever. Ask the people who know what they are talking about and who will enjoy making your day as magical as you wanted it to be.