Wedding receptions come with countless details to plan, whether you are concerned about seating friends together, what type of meals to serve, or thinking about the best entertainment options. Some receptions may focus on offering fantastic food and drink, while other wedding receptions might focus more on music or dancing.

One of the best decisions you can make is hiring an incredible DJ Gold Coast for your entertainment needs. Here are some other exciting wedding reception ideas and tips to think about, as well.

Different Dinner Options

Some wedding receptions are about being as social as possible, so offering a sit-down five-course dinner might not make the most sense for every event. However, one option is to break up dinner and consider serving four or five smaller dishes throughout the reception. It might not be for everyone, but it could help the wedding reception have a more nimble and fun atmosphere.

Think Carefully About Music

One of the most important aspects of a DJ Gold Coast is that you should be straightforward about what you want for your wedding. Some wedding receptions will come to life thanks to Stevie Wonder, but other wedding receptions might be better off playing The Beatles, Guns & Roses, or Rihanna.

It all depends on the music tastes of the bride, groom, and their family and friends. Make sure to think long and hard about the best possible playlist, and also make it clear to your Gold Coast DJ about what music is on your “do not play” list for your wedding reception.

Surprise Entertainment

A Gold Coast DJ popping out of nowhere can be a great idea in terms of surprise entertainment, but there are many different ways to think about “entertainment.” Some wedding receptions might involve a magician or an aerialist for those who want to think outside of the box.

Have a Place to Relax

There’s nothing wrong with having a wedding reception with a lot of dancing – and it might even mean that your wedding reception is both successful and memorable! However, there has to be someplace for guests to relax and unwind so that they can get back on the dance floor again.

Choose a venue that has some kind of area with lounges and chairs so that guests can get their second wind. This will obviously be ideal for elderly guests who might want to relax more than others.