The pre-reception of a wedding is often a “missed” opportunity for a lot of newlyweds. Some couples do not pay attention to pre-reception because they thought it is not that important. Just because everybody is busy taking photos of the bride, the groom or the bridesmaids, it’s okay to leave this important detail of your wedding. Why not take advantage of this time to entertain your guests with music?

This is the perfect time to personally welcome and thank your guests for coming to your wedding while enjoying cocktails. Having a relaxing and calm background music will set the mood of your reception.

Here are tips for you to turn them into an unforgettable moment of your wedding.

Entertainment is the Key

Pre-Receptions can be sometimes boring. This is the part where the energy can fall. Your guests are so excited to get the bridal party started. It is not recommended to make the pre-reception go beyond 45 minutes as your guests are looking forward to the dinner and have fun throughout the night. It’s a bad idea to keep them waiting. Why not throw in really good music? Something that your guests will love and enjoy listening to.

The Type of Music Based on Your Venue and Wedding Size

Choose the type of wedding dj gold coast or entertainment based on your venue and wedding size. If you have about 50 guests or less in a small venue, a smaller ensemble band or a DJ who will play soft and relaxing sounds would allow your guests to enjoy music and at the same time chat with other guests. The same goes for the larger venue with a larger amount of guests. A bigger ensemble band to lift the energy of the entire room while the music is at the acceptable volume enough to enjoy music while talking to each other.

Music Sets the Mood for the Bridal Party

The recommended duration for your pre-reception is 30 minutes. 30 minutes is enough to take pictures, chit-chat with friends, thank your guests personally and do other things. Having relaxing and energizing music in the background sets the mood for the most exciting part of your wedding, the reception! This is where guests have fun throughout the night and it is very important to set the mood from the romantic ceremony to an all-out fun wedding reception.