Many people have been planning a wedding but thought that they should let 2020 pass before thinking about the safest way to celebrate their union. Millions of marriages have been postponed thanks to the global pandemic. It’s no secret that weddings have been the cause of spreading COVID-19 in numerous instances, so what steps can be taken to make sure that all guests are safe?

It is still possible to have a COVID-safe wedding in 2021, but it requires a significant amount of planning, attention, and caution. Here are some steps that one should consider before throwing a COVID-safe wedding in 2021. Contact Gold Coast Wedding DJs for more information.

The Number of People

Some people are absolutely committed to the idea of a huge wedding. It might be because they plan on inviting hundreds of relatives and friends from around the world, or they may just have a large immediate family. If you plan on having a COVID-safe wedding in 2021, you may want to reconsider the number of people you invite.

Gold Coast Wedding DJs have been involved in weddings of all sizes, but the smaller your wedding, the safer it will be for all involved. There’s something great about intimate and small weddings. For the most part, it does mean that your wedding will be much safer in terms of COVID-19. While this might be a dealbreaker for some, it is something important to consider.

Consider the Outdoors

Some weddings take place inside large venues, but an outdoor wedding is much safer during a pandemic. If you plan on getting married in 2021, consider an outdoor setting. The beautiful backdrop of nature can make a wedding even more magical than you ever imagined!

There are plenty of incredible options to choose from, whether you are considering a beach, waterfront, or country club.

Let the Rules Be Known

All guests at your wedding should understand and accept the rules regarding COVID-19 and social distancing. You should make it clear to all guests that they should stay home if they feel unwell in any way, and your wedding should also have a significant amount of hand sanitizer available throughout the venue.

Your Gold Coast Wedding DJs and any other entertainment can also repeat the rules during your reception. You may want to think about the fact that guests shouldn’t dance right next to each other, as well, given social distancing guidelines. Gold Coast Wedding DJs should announce the rules before the music starts so that everyone understands what steps should be taken to remain safe.