No wedding entertainment on the Gold Coast is complete without exceptional music that has people asking for more. The music you play will set the tone for your wedding. More than the cuisine and the venue, you will remember your first dance. More than the arrangements, what will move you – and everyone else – is the father-daughter dance. Therefore, it’s important that you and your fiancé sit down with your DJ and discuss the music for the wedding.

It shouldn’t be just about a particular piece of music or two. The discussion shouldn’t just be a request to add ‘your’ song to the overall mix. It should be about the mood of the wedding and how the DJ plans to segment it. The number of songs for a wedding depends on the number of ceremonies and their duration. It’s vital that your DJ knows it well before the event so that they can plan accordingly.

How to Choose the Right Music for Your Wedding

Introduction songs

This is when the bride, the groom and the flower girls and bridal ensemble enter the venue. The music should be welcoming and cheerful but not loud. Nothing should take away the attention from the bride and groom. Unless you plan a quirky entrance set to some particular song, the music should be in the background.

Cocktail music

This is where your tastes will come into the picture. You can ask the wedding DJ to play songs that have a special place in your heart. The music can be a lively mix of different genres but nothing too fast. There’s time for that. Most of your guests should be able to recognise some of the songs.

Cake-cutting music

Everyone’s eyes will be on you two and you need music that beautifully livens up the moment. The song you choose should also be a subdued number.

First dance song

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Your first dance and song should be carefully chosen and of course, practised till it’s perfect. When you rehearse, do keep the venue lighting in mind and practise to that.

Father-daughter dance music

This is what you will tearfully look back years from now. Discuss it with your father and choose a song that means something special to the two of you. Maybe, it’s something from your childhood. It could also be a modern song that nobody would expect your father to dance to. Go on, be imaginative!

Bouquet and farewell music

Hopefully, things have gone splendid so far and it’s time to say goodbye. Your DJ could play a short clip as you throw the bouquet. The farewell music should be romantic and could even be a mashup of your favourite songs.

With the right DJ, your wedding entertainment on the Gold Coast will be musical and memorable for you and the guests. And those dance videos? They will age well as you look back at them years from now.