One of the most common questions we get asked when brides are looking to hire a Gold Coast wedding DJ is how long we recommend they hire a DJ for. So, we’ve decided to write a timeline to give you an idea of how long you need to hire a DJ for.

Of course, every wedding is different, and you might only want to hire a wedding DJ for your reception, or even only for part of it. In comparison, some people like to hire a wedding DJ to cover their ceremony, dinner, and reception.

No matter how you envision your dream wedding day going, here are some ideas as to how long you’ll need to hire a DJ for.

Setup and Breakdown Time

Whether you want your wedding DJ to cover the whole day or just your reception, they’ll need time to set up their equipment and pack up at the end of the night. In addition, if your wedding and reception are being held at different venues, these times will apply per venue you want the DJ to play.

Typically, we recommend that your DJ has at least an hour and a half to set up their equipment and perform a soundcheck before your guests arrive. This ensures that everything’s in good working order so there are no embarrassing surprises when they start their set.

Your DJ will also need at least an hour to pack up their equipment between venue changes or at the end of the night.

So, if you’re hiring a DJ for your wedding, you’re looking at adding at least 2.5 hours to your booking time per venue.

DJ Ceremony Timeline

If you want a DJ to cover your ceremony, then you need to have an idea as to how long your ceremony will last. This often varies depending on if you’re having a religious service or if you’ve personalised any aspects of the ceremony.

As a rule of thumb, most ceremonies last for 30 minutes. However, you’ll likely want your DJ to play music as your guests arrive, which can typically be up to an hour before the ceremony, and music for 15-20 minutes as you and your guests leave.

DJ Reception Timeline

Again, this will depend on how long your reception is. On average, most receptions will last around 5-6 hours. The first hour tends to be your cocktail hour, the second (and maybe third) your sit-down or buffet dinner, followed by your first dance.

Then, you can keep the party going as long as you want, but in our experience, a lot of venues have restrictions that mean they can’t play music past 10 pm. Your DJ will also need breaks throughout the night, and will obviously need more if you plan on having them there all day.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking to hire a Gold Coast wedding DJ for the whole day, the minimum amount of time you should aim for is 8 hours. However, if you’re only having a reception, this can be anywhere between 4-6 hours, depending on your celebration.