So, you’ve found the venue, finalised the caterer and briefed the photographer. Now what you need is the right DJ for your wedding. Getting the right DJ can make a lot of difference. The best DJs on the Gold Coast can elevate the mood and sustain it throughout the ceremony. Different people may react differently to the food or the venue, but the one thing that most people will unanimously like is good music.

The DJ can also tailor a music list that will celebrate your romance. They will be able to get everyone on the dance floor and make sure that the tempo of your wedding never gets low. But is it difficult to choose the right DJ? Not at all, if you follow these 7 steps.

7 Steps to Finding a DJ for Your Wedding

1. Ask the venue

They would have a list of DJs who regularly play at weddings there and know the acoustics of the place. But do not go by their recommendation if all they can provide is any one name. You need options here.

2. Talk to your wedding planner

If you’ve hired a professional planner, they should have a list of wedding DJs. If you go through them, make sure that you get the DJ at a reduced cost.

3. Search social media

Look for DJs who perform at weddings in your area. Some of their clients may have also left reviews online. If you can reach out to those clients, ask them about their experience in detail.

4. Don’t commit to friends or family

You may have heard good things about them, you may even have promised something, but don’t sign them on just because they are friends or family. It’s your wedding, it’s your moment. Nothing less than the best DJ on the Gold Coast should do.

5. Meet them in person

When you finalise a DJ, you and your fiancé should ideally meet them in person. Ask them about their recent events, the music they usually play, any video footage they can provide, how many hours they will be able to play, etc. And certainly, ask them for referrals.

6. Ensure that they know the names

A DJ at a wedding will be called upon to announce multiple names. Talk to your potential DJ and ensure that they can clearly pronounce the names from both sides of the family. A misstep here could lead to embarrassing situations.

7. See if they are interested

Does your DJ seem interested in how you met? Did your DJ ask whether you guys have a particular song that defines your love? The right DJ will be interested in your story and would want to know more. They would then tailor their playlist according to that. It shouldn’t be just another job for them. This is more important than probably anything else.

If you stick to these 7 steps, it will be a breeze to find the best DJ on the Gold Coast for your wedding who will make your big day even more special.