Did you know that a wedding DJ does more than play great songs?

If you’re currently hunting for the best Gold Coast wedding entertainment, read on to find out how the right DJ can set the whole mood for your reception and make sure it’s a night to remember for all the right reasons.

Setting The Mood

A great wedding DJ will have met you beforehand to find out what music you love, what lighting you would like and what vibe you are looking for.

On the day, they’ll choose the right songs so they complement the schedule rather than conflict with it.

Whether you want a rave or vintage old-school night, there’s an art to packing the dance floor. Professional wedding DJs know how to build anticipation, what songs get people dancing and when the mood needs to change to allow for special wedding events.

Your wedding will probably have people from different generations with different tastes in music. A poor DJ might just rotate songs to please different people but a professional has the experience to cater to all tastes and bring guests together on the dance floor.

Reading the room is an essential skill that will make or break a wedding reception. Knowing when (and how) to tone the music down and when to get toes tapping takes experience.

Coordinating The Timeline

Whilst a wedding coordinator or venue will be coordinating the schedule behind the scenes, the wedding DJ Brisbane will be the Emcee that communicates the transitions to suppliers and your guests.

Experienced DJs know how long different elements of the reception will take and will adapt the playlist accordingly. For instance, the party can’t start until the new husband and wife have been introduced so they’ll keep the music low-key until you have arrived.

You may have scheduled a toast, a blessing or special song dedications. Your DJ will coordinate with the venue and vendors like the photographer and videographer to make sure those moments are captured with the right tone and mood.

Wedding DJs also communicate events to your guests. A professional won’t shout ‘dinner’s ready!” over a rock song. They will have anticipated each event and adapted the music to flow in and out of each transition so your guests can speak to each other over dinner or hear the announcement that the bouquet is about to be tossed.

A DJ with the right skill and experience will take your guests on a journey that will make the evening run smoothly leaving you to simply enjoy the experience.

Choosing a Gold Coast wedding DJ is more than finding someone with speakers and a playlist. Our multi-award-winning DJs will set the mood and flow of your reception to make sure your guests, and most importantly you, have the best evening of your newly married life.