Wedding DJ

Music is one of the most important part in a wedding reception. It’s where you and your guests get the mood of the reception. If the music playing is sweet and slow, it makes you feel romantic. If the music is upbeat, you feel like dancing and want to have fun. Obviously, music is very important and plays a big role to your wedding venues gold coast hinterland.

Every couple has a certain budget, if you can find a cheaper supplier that wasn’t that bad, why not pick that supplier to save money? Saving money is right but picking a supplier based on which has the lowest offer is not wise as it puts your very special day at risk.

Why some DJs charge less or much less?

  • They are inexperienced or less experienced with weddings
  • They are using cheaper sound equipment
  • Unprofessional DJ Set-Up (wires everywhere, unorganised)
  • They don’t really specialize in weddings
bad dj setup

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Hiring a wedding DJ is more than just a person who will play music for you. Hiring a best wedding DJ means giving them a job to make your wedding a wedding to remember. Their job is to make you happy on your very special day.

What you should expect with Explosive Entertainment Wedding DJs:

  • Experienced and Expert DJs Specializing Weddings
  • Uses premium digital sound equipment
  • Professional DJ Set-up
  • Full-time Wedding DJs
  • Takes requests, able to read the crowd to fill-up your dance floor
  • Plays music with no awkward silence or wrong timings
  • Friendly, professional attitude, professionally dressed for the occasion

Explosive Entertainment Professional DJ Set-UP

These are the qualities that a low-cost DJ might not have and these qualities are crucial to a wedding’s success.