A good DJ no doubt, can keep your guests up on the dance floor all night. With his music knowledge and encouragement skills, he can set an amazing mood on your event but, a good DJ who can MC for your wedding is a gem, definitely.

While most couples prefer to have their close friend or relative as an MC for the event because of personal ties and relationship, more and more soon-to-weds are thinking of having a professional DJ/MC to save them the hassle of doing rehearsals especially if their friend or relative is not really comfortable speaking in public.

Are you planning on hiring a DJ and an MC? Below are the things you need to consider.

Find the right guy. Yes, DJs can MC but there are those who are trained to do just that, especially when doing weddings.

Expert in both fields. Your DJ/MC should know how to make the event feel special by choosing the right music and at the same time, the right words. Check your DJ company’s profile, their field of experience, awards (if possible), and of course, reviews.

A laid out program plan. Your DJ/MC should have a laid out plan for the day of the event. Do you want the DJ to play in the ceremony or you just want them to just take over the reception? Ask for their suggested plans (a program, if any) and the song list.

A set or reliable, state-of-the-art equipment. No matter how great your DJ/MC is, everything can turn into a disaster if there are problems with the equipment. Ask for their equipment and demand for a sound check.

Check your friends for recommendations. Word of mouth has been the best form of marketing ever. Ask your friends for their recommendations. They have attended other weddings or events and perhaps they know some of the best.

See how you can save. A DJ who can MC for your wedding can cut costs because you don’t have to pay for two separate individuals. Most of them have packages for their services. Also, ask for other services available. They may have photo booth, uplighting, or other services available. Ask for discounts if you want to avail complete packages.