Because of our advanced technology, people are now able to build playlist and mix songs with the help of a mobile device. Anyone can call themselves a DJ but do you really want a non-professional DJ at your wedding? If you are confused whether you should hire a professional Gold Coast wedding DJ or just use an app like Spotify, you may want to read this article before you come into conclusion.

Do you really need a Gold Coast Wedding DJ? Here are 5 Reasons why

A small and simple gathering with a few friends may not need hiring a professional DJ. But for big events like weddings, a professional wedding DJ can make a big impact and contribute a huge success to your wedding.

Premium Quality Equipment

A professional wedding DJ will have a premium quality sound system with backup to make sure that your event run smoothly. If you choose to just have a friend play over a mobile phone connected to a speaker, there is a chance that the speakers may break. Only a professional would extend an effort to make sure your music is all secured.

Emcee to Encourage Your Guests

Wedding DJs can also emcee at your wedding. They can announce your formal introductions, encourage shy guests to dance to keep the crowd full. They will keep the party smooth and make sure that your guests will have a good time. You don’t need to hire a separate emcee as this will cost the same price as your DJ. Explosive Entertainment only charge a small cost for the extra emcee service.

Gold Coast Wedding DJ

Great Playlist Perfect for Your Guests

A large crowd will definitely have diverse taste in music. It’s a DJ’s job to make sure that nobody feels left out. A professional wedding DJ is able to read the crowd and play the best music for your guests. No more awkward silence and guests leaving the dance floor for no reasons. Everybody will have fun dancing the night away. Don’t get stuck in a playlist that nobody likes.

Formal Requests, Guest Requests and Special Requests

A wedding DJ welcomes formal requests, guest requests and other special requests. For formal requests and special requests, we advise that you have this sorted a few weeks before the wedding day. This is to ensure that the DJ has all your songs and organised in one playlist. Upon the booking confirmation, the DJ will give you an access on how to submit your formal requests to make sure that everything is organised and sorted. Here in Explosive Entertainment, we send access details to our brides and instructions on how to submit their reception entry, bridal waltz, cake cutting song and other formalities. We make sure that all these details are correct and confirm with our brides a few days before the wedding.

Formally Dressed and Professional Set-Up

Wedding DJs are supposed to dress fit for the occasion. If they aren’t in the DJ Booth, you can’t tell if they are a staff because they are nicely dressed

Tip: Ensure your wedding’s success—hire a professional

Are you ready to hire a Gold Coast Wedding DJ instead one of your friends who just press the play button and shuffle the songs? Weddings are once in a lifetime event. Explosive Entertainment makes sure that your dance floor is always full. You can make song requests or you can just leave the music up to the DJ if you have no time to pick.

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