Explosive Brisbane DJsFor over 20 years, Explosive Entertainment has been a constant, steady source of wedding entertainment. Explosive’s Brisbane Wedding DJs are highly trained, dedicated individuals who take great pleasure (and pride!) in being the best at what they do. You can always count on Explosive Brisbane DJs to provide you with quality service at each and every event they attend. We have dedicated our talents to ensuring that your wedding is one that will always be remembered fondly. How do we do this? Simple! We provide you with quality service you just won’t find anywhere else.

Some DJs merely take on weddings as “just another gig” they do to make a little extra on the side. But this is not true with the Explosive Brisbane DJs! Our sole focus is to provide quality entertainment at weddings. What does this mean? Well, for starters it means you will get only the best that Brisbane has to offer! With a highly trained staff and plenty of music at our disposal, we will always have just the song you want, and play it whenever you want it! Make your first dance something to remember for the rest of your life…and then, much to your guest’s delight, keep things alive and festive with a well-presented evening of music they will enjoy for the remainder of the day and beyond. Not only will the memory of your wedding bring a smile to your face, it will also be something the others in attendance will also recall fondly…and who knows? Some even envy you, when they realize what they missed at their wedding! Good things happen to those who choose Explosive DJs for their wedding entertainment needs.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on that perfect wedding experience. Call us today, and allow an Explosive Brisbane Wedding DJ to serving you!