For most people, choosing the best Gold Coast Wedding DJ will contribute a huge success to their event. For others, they don’t really put music as a top priority when planning a wedding. But, what is the best option?

The Deciding Factor

Budget is usually the deciding factor of hiring a DJ service. We understand that you should cut cost as much as you can, but you also need not to compromise the quality of the music. We strongly advice not to pick a DJ because of how cheap their packages are. In the wedding industry, what you pay is what you get. Top quality Gold Coast Wedding DJs is not super cheap, but it’s not too expensive either. We only want the best for your wedding without compromising the quality of the equipment and the service.

Here in Explosive Entertainment, all you need to do is to fill-in our enquiry form and submit for a FREE quotation without any obligation to book.

What to Expect From Your Gold Coast Wedding DJ:

This is your Big Day!

Be specific about your expectations and discuss with your wedding DJ. Don’t hesitate to walk away if you don’t feel that he can do the job. Always research for feedback and references. Follow them up through social media like Facebook and see how are they doing with their weddings. Explosive Entertainment has a good rating of 4.7/5 starts in our Facebook page with a lot of satisfied brides’ reviews.

If you still feel stuck, here are some questions to help you choose your Gold Coast Wedding DJ:

    1. Are you looking for a typical mobile DJ or someone who is unique & with personality to appeal your guests?
    1. Is the DJ Company willing to arrange a meeting to discuss further details about your wedding?
    1. What is your preferred set-up time? Does your venue have noise limitations?
    1. How do they set-up? What does it looks like?
    1. Do you prefer clean versions of the songs or anything is fine?
    1. Are you looking for a party DJ who can rock the crowd or a club-style DJ with beatmixing skills?
    1. Do you need a DJ who can MC just in case you are not able to secure your own MC?
    1. Can the DJ play a variety of songs and open to guest requests?
  1. Do you have a do-not-play list and is your wedding DJ okay with this?

These are some of questions you need to ask to a wedding DJ company to see if they are the perfect fit.

Before you decide to book, we just want you to know that….

Explosive Entertainment DJs are fun and friendly DJs and we are willing to play all your favorite songs! As for traditional and foreign language songs, just let us know the song titles and the artist names and we will sort it out for you. We want you to relax and leave it to us. We will do all the hard work.