Explosive Brisbane DJs

When booking for a best wedding DJs, it is important to know the reputation and how professional the wedding DJ company is. Having a good package deal is not enough. In fact, on a general view, you shouldn’t put the “cheapest price” as your top priority when booking a supplier for your wedding. I have read a lot of wedding horror stories from choosing a supplier whose prices are too good to be true.

Instead, you should be wise when choosing a supplier for your wedding. Punctuality, professionalism, friendliness, experience, and quality of service should be on your top standards when booking for your suppliers. Explosive Entertainment is an award-winning wedding DJ company that has been in the industry for quite awhile.

What to expect when booking with an award-winning Wedding DJ?

Always on Time

If the reception time is 5 in the afternoon, your DJ should be there by 4pm for the set-up of his equipment. Although he might finish the set-up early, this 1 hour preparation period will also be spent talking to your coordinators, giving him an updated runsheet if any or if there are changes with the order of the formalities and speech orders. Some venues already have their own PA system and would not need to set-up the speakers and cables so there’s no need to arrive an hour before. The DJ can just bring his console.

Professional DJ Set-Up of Premium Digital Sound Equipment


You definitely would never ever see hanging wires and cords from a professional set-up from a professional wedding DJ. As unorganized cords and trailing wires might cause a trip and fall accident especially to elder people. It is a job of a DJ to ensure that equipment should be at their best set-up and free from possible accidents.

Able to Read and Rock Your Crowd


Your reception is just halfway but your crowd is getting bored already. A professional and an award-winning wedding DJ is able to read your crowd and play the best music that will make your guests feel like dancing throughout the night. Because of their years of experience DJing exclusively for weddings, your dancefloor would never be empty!

Friendly, Professional Attitude and Professionally Dressed for the Occasion

A wedding DJ should be professional at all times at it starts with the appearance since guests will approach him to play a certain song. Explosive Entertainment weddings DJs are always suited up for the occasion. You can expect them smiling whenever you talk to them and accommodate your guests’ song requests (as long as it’s suitable for the occasion).