There’s an unfortunate trend of people claiming that you don’t need a DJ at weddings. After all, how hard can it be? Everyone has music on their phone, and it’s a matter of just playing them, right?

Absolutely wrong.

Cutting unnecessary costs from your wedding should top your priority list. But it shouldn’t be at the cost of a great wedding. There are many reasons to have Gold Coast Wedding DJs at your wedding, but the one that sums up everything is quite simple:

It’s your wedding, not a DIY project.

It’s not an occasion for someone to display their taste in music. It’s not a trial event for someone to experiment with being a DJ.

This isn’t fun. This is serious business. And you need people who know what they do.

Why You Really Need a DJ for Your Wedding

1. You get a professional

You don’t hire someone because they are ‘into’ food. No, you hire a professional caterer. You don’t hire someone because they would like to get into makeup. No, you hire a professional makeup artist. Similarly, when it comes to music, hire an experienced professional who knows how to prepare, how to play for hours, how to understand the mood of the room and how to engage the audience.

2. You get the right equipment

DJs have the right equipment. Your cousin’s 15-year old speakers are not the definition of the right equipment. The DJ will also know what equipment goes with what place, and how they should alter it, if it’s a completely outdoor event, for e.g.

3. You get an MC

You get an announcer who can introduce the couple and family members, and periodically ask people to get on the dance floor. It’s not an easy job and you need someone with experience.

4. You get the right music

You will need music for a couple of hours or more. That’s a lot of songs. Amateurs can’t deliver high-quality songs consistently for that duration. A wedding DJ will have a playlist that can last many hours. Importantly, you will be able to select the songs in advance.

5. You get time

As the DJ plays the songs and does the job of an MC, you will have the time to do what you want. Spend time with your spouse, talk to your relatives, and leave the music and announcements to the professional.

6. You get the right tempo

Only a DJ will know when to amp up the tempo and when to bring it down. They will know when to play high-energy numbers and when to play soulful melodies. They will know when to dish out dance numbers and when to play romantic duets. A DJ will deliver on mood.

There you have all the reasons to go with a professional DJ for your wedding. With the right Gold Coast Wedding DJ, your wedding will be a memorable and importantly, musical affair.