Benefits of Hiring a DJ for Your Next Gala Dinner

Whether you need music for a large corporate gala or an intimate dinner, Explosive Entertainment will handpick a DJ to meet your needs. At the end of the day, you can’t possibly expect to host a gala without good music and expect your guests to have fun.

A professional DJ will ensure the right music is being played at the right time to get people pumped up. We’ve all been to events with beautiful decor but horrible entertainment – it ruins the entire night. And for something as important as a gala dinner, you absolutely need to hire a DJ.

How a DJ Can Assist in the Running of Your Gala

Lighting and sound system

Having the right equipment is vital to having quality entertainment. And so, if you don’t have lights or a powerful sound system for your gala dinner, Explosive Entertainment will provide them.

No playlist troubles

You can set up music in several ways, with Pandora, Spotify, or by plugging in an iPhone, for example, but each of these options can be frustrating for the user. You’re bound to always be stressed about what’s going to play next. Advertisements, phone calls, buffering, and song skipping are just some of the problems you’ll have to face.

With a professional DJ, you can relieve stress and focus on other things.

Why you should use a DJ at your event

A gala dinner at Gold Coast has to be a success. Your guests will expect a fun event, and if this is your first time hosting, it will set a precedent for all future galas. Therefore, a DJ is essential. There are a few reasons why it will help make your dinner a night to remember.

Variety of music

With a live musician, you only get one genre of music. And an iPod only has one person’s favourite songs. A set playlist can’t change styles when the event gets slower or when building a climax. For a successful dinner, you will need all genres, from country to trap to reggae to hip-hop. DJs can read rooms and make these transitions.

Guaranteed fun

With a DJ, you’ll have fun at your dinner. Many aspects of a gala dinner like décor and menus are handled beforehand, but the music needs real-time changes. Now, wouldn’t it be good if you didn’t have to sit with your laptop the entire evening or make sure someone else is? A professional DJ will keep the music going because it’s their job to do so.


A DJ has to set up their equipment and comes to the venue about an hour before the dinner begins. They usually don’t need a large team, and fewer people are always easier to manage.


There are many benefits to hiring a DJ for your next gala dinner, but perhaps the biggest one is all the weight being lifted off your shoulders. You can relax and have peace of mind because as soon as you get a good DJ, you can be assured your dinner will be a hit.

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