Destination Wedding DJ

Arranging your Destination Wedding DJ

If you are getting married out of town and no local DJ is available in the area, you may want to consider to arrange a wedding DJ that is available for out of town weddings. Most wedding DJs like Explosive Entertainment can travel out of town since the equipment are mobile. Here are some helpful guides on how to arrange your destination wedding DJ.

The Cost for the DJ Service

First is to enquire for the cost of the DJ service. Most DJ companies already have a brochure of packages that you can look at and some just manually give you a quote. Pick the DJ you think will be the best fit by asking the right questions.

Accommodation and Travel Costs

For the DJ to travel to your destination wedding, you should shoulder the costs for accommodation and travel. If it’s going to be a 5 hour drive from your DJ’s town, they will need extra money for the gas and they will need a place to stay the night before your wedding day.

The Music

The music should be all final a few days or a few weeks before your wedding day. If you are not sure what songs to pick, you may contact your DJ to ask for suggestions or you have the option to leave the music up to him. Here at Explosive Entertainment, some brides are taking time to pick songs and some just don’t have the time to do it; so what we always do is we communicate regularly. We give them suggestions and we always provide an option to let the DJ handle all the music. We always make sure that your song details are correct!

Crew Meal

A meal should be provided to the DJ on the night of the reception. You may ask the DJ if he has dietary requirements. You don’t want to have your DJ having an allergic reaction while dancing the night away!

Having a wedding away from your hometown is relaxing and exciting. We hope that somehow this guide helped you.