Over the years, we have met different couples with many different music preferences. For some, the main goal is for music to set the mood of the wedding but there are also those whose main objective is to keep the night alive, the dance floor packed, and the guests entertained.

One of the first things that clients usually discuss when hiring a wedding DJ is the variety and versatility of music, including the playlist of course, and how it can be an instrument to spice things up in the wedding. A skilled DJ with years of experience in handling different genre of music would always be perfect to fill up the job.

Indeed, it is very important to find a DJ who can create a personal soundtrack for your wedding based on your preference, overall theme, style, and taste. There are a lot of DJ companies out there who have their own playlists and preferences but a professional DJ who value his clients would tell upfront that it is the clients who have full control of the music. A professional DJ will also stress that in order to make everything smooth on the day of the event, proper planning and preparations should be given enough consideration.

It is very easy to become a DJ nowadays and for some, it is also fast becoming a hobby. But real professionals know how to be flexible. They know how to entice the crowd. They know how to please the client.  It is also good to note that planning for music and entertainment is not always easy. Professionals allot months of preparations for this and they meet several times with clients.

Explosive Entertainment has catered to COUNTLESS WEDDINGS AND EVENTS FOR 23 YEARS!!! Known for providing exceptional services, we are owner-operated and we handle each and every event ourselves, hence, making sure that you receive personal attention and passion to perfection.

Each wedding is unique and our goal is to always make that uniqueness stand out with our own brand of entertainment.