Weddings are memorable and something that people prepare for years or months before the big day. People save a hefty sum of money just so they can get the perfect dream wedding. Financial capability plays a big role for the wedding preparation. It gives more options to choose from. Just like food, clothing and decorations. Wedding music plays a big part to achieve the perfect wedding. With clear objectives, expectations will be met and every penny spent is worth it. Here are some reasons why you should confirm your wedding music and details prior the wedding.

Confirm Event Times, Performance Times from Start to Finish

During the preparation, event times change constantly until everything has been finalized with the wedding venue. Confirm the event times with the wedding DJ to make it easier  to confirm the performance times from start to finish. The set-up and pack down times are usually not included within the duration. Ask the wedding DJ about the set-up as well as the pack down times  to have clearer expectations with the performance times.

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Overtime Fees & Package Inclusions

If the performance hours is beyond the wedding music package booked, overtime fees are most likely to apply. The overtime fee will depend on the hours exceeded over the original hours booked. A typical reception music package is good up to 5 hour but if the music is required to run for 6 hours, an overtime charge of 1 hour will apply. Confirm with the wedding DJ on how much is the overtime fee. Also, confirming what is included in the package will avoid misunderstandings.

Is Ceremony  Music Included?

Usually, wedding DJ packages does not include ceremony music. Confirm with the wedding DJ if ceremony is included the package to avoid misunderstanding. You have an option to add it in for an additional fee or improvise the music for the ceremony. Ensure if the package also covers post-ceremony music so that the guests.

Wedding Music for Dinner, Formalities & Dancing

You have an option to list down all the songs you prefer for dinner as well as dancing. As for the formalities, make sure to specify the song, artist’s name as well as  the version. Some songs have acoustic version, live or  radio-edit. If you have a specific music file, contact your wedding DJ on how you can transfer the music file. This can be done through e-mail, folder sharing or a simple link where the music can be downloaded.

Why You Should Confirm Your Wedding Music and Details Prior Your Wedding

Confirmation of your wedding music and details prior the wedding achieve satisfying results on your wedding day. Expectations are met. Everything will run smoothly according to the plan. Your hard-earned money spent for your wedding is totally worth it. Wedding DJs usually send a confirmation email of all your wedding details as well as your music. Make sure to review them thoroughly before you confirm.

Moreover, keeping it clear and simple with your wedding DJ will add to the success of your big day, your special wedding day.

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