Hiring a DJ for your Christmas Party

Are you putting together a Christmas party? Because if so, everyone coming to your party will have high expectations. After all, it’s the best holiday of the year and Christmas is a time of joy. Everyone gets together, dresses up, and celebrates an age-old tradition. And at the end of the year, it also serves as a break from hectic deadlines and intense workloads.

So what does an ideal Christmas Party Gold Coast look like? Well, it needs four things:

● Atmosphere
● Refreshments
● Variety
● Music

The atmosphere is the general vibe of the party and is affected by the other three points. Also, it is the most important. If the vibe is dull, no one will enjoy themselves. And even the people who absolutely adore Christmas will be turned off.

If you don’t want your Christmas Party on the Gold Coast to be a failure, you need to hire a DJ. Now, you may be thinking about how one DJ from Explosive Entertainment can assure your celebration will be a hit. There are a couple of reasons why that’s the case, and we’re going to go through each one.

DJs are fun

Different people like different things, but the one constant is the power of good music. No matter who you ask, they’ll tell you they like it. The only caveat being, it needs to be the right kind of music for a particular occasion.

Explosive Entertainment has the best DJs on the Gold Coast whose music knowledge will blow you away. From the classics to the newer pop billboard topping songs, they know them all. And their experience means they can read an audience and choose the best playlist in real time.

No matter who is coming to your party and where you are organising it, there will be music for it, and the guests will have fun.

Personalised playlists

Most clients want to go in a particular direction with their music. Our job is to facilitate your vision, so you can specify exactly what you want us to play.

Every year, artists put out Christmas songs, and each is a different genre and feel. You can instruct us to avoid or focus on a specific genre. We send out a song request list after a client confirms their booking, and you can use it to add particular songs to the event playlist.

Quality DJs

Each DJ on our team has been handpicked – they are professional, enthusiastic, and the best in their field. And any Christmas party you hire them for will be a night to remember.

Our business model

With 22 years of experience, Explosive Entertainment is qualified to handle your Christmas party. The problem with most DJ services is a failure to provide personalised services to their clientele. But we aren’t a mega-corporation or a one-person show lacking the capability to provide the right DJ to you.

We’re large enough to ensure standardised services but small enough to give each client individual attention. In fact, doing so is our top priority.


All we want for Christmas is for you to have the best party on the Gold Coast. We’ll pay attention to all the little details to make sure your party is as much fun as possible!