Choosing the perfect DJ to help you celebrate your marriage can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.

We know that booking a DJ for the first time can be daunting, particularly because you don’t always know what you need to ask before you make your final decision.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most important aspects to look out for when you’re choosing a DJ for your reception.


Your budget is the first thing that you need to consider because it’ll determine the quality of DJ you can expect to hire. A professional DJ will always cost more than a local one, so unless your budget is particularly tight, be prepared to pay for a quality night with a DJ who can keep the dance floor filled.


Every reputable DJ should have insurance in case something goes wrong during the night, and they should be able to show you this when you ask.


It’s vital that your DJ has a contract, so you both know exactly what service is being provided, how long for, and what will happen in case of things going wrong.

Professional Equipment

While you can do a lot with a laptop these days, a professional DJ will have industry-standard equipment like mixers, decks, speakers, and headphones.

Custom Playlists

A great DJ will create a personalised playlist for you based on your tastes, must-haves, and songs you don’t want to be played. They should also ask if you’re okay with giving them leeway or if you’d prefer they stick to a master list.


Each DJ has their own preference as to how much they like to vocally interact with their audience, so you need to discuss this with them ahead of time, particularly if you’re after a party vibe that focuses on the music.


Ask your DJ where they’ve performed before and if they can supply references, or if you can hear a sample of their music, particularly if they can mix and blend songs. This will help you figure out whether they just play music, or if they can respond to the crowd and fill the dancefloor.


A reputable DJ will have a backup DJ on call should there be an emergency that keeps them from attending your reception. They should also have backup plans in case any of their equipment malfunctions on the night. Before you sign a contract, ask to meet the backup DJ and get a demo of their style to make sure you’ll be happy with them if they have to fill in.

Looking for Gold Coast DJs?

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